Luke Bannister
Split cane fishing rods

There are many superb traditional tapers out there.
Over the years I have had the pleasure of making
and fishing some of them. Paynes, Dickersons,
Garrisons and more obscure rods like
Carlsen & Vangens, Constables and Walkers.
These traditional tapers are at their best casting dry flies
and unweighted nymphs.

Here are few of my favourite traditional tapers.
Garrsion 201: 7ft 3/4wt. A beautiful casting smal
l stream rod that has tremendous feel.
Payne 101: 7ft 6in 5wt. The classic fast traditional taper
rod a very good “general purpose” cane rod.
Leonard 6ft 10in 4/5wt. The best of the bunch
a lovely example of how good a traditional taper can be.

If you have a taper in mind or are looking at
having a traditional actioned rod built
I am happy to make rods to existing tapers