Luke Bannister
Split cane fishing rods

This is the ideal taper for someone who is used to fishing with carbon and would like to try cane.
The tip is light and responsive transitioning into a smooth mid section for good line control. The taper then quickens to a powerful butt, which will develop good line speed and will also get plenty of pressure onto a fighting fish. .

The 7ft 4wt is the perfect rod for fishing smaller tributaries and streams. The finished rod weighs about 4oz. The unique taper means that it will roll cast with ease, and when necessary it will punch a small tight loop into the wind or under over hanging trees.

Because of the subtle nature of cane it can be an incredibly gentle rod, capable of protecting the finest of tippets and landing the softest of casts

An 8ft 5wt Superfast is ideal for larger rivers and wild lakes, powerful enough to deal with larger flies and fish.The increased length gives more line control and and a higher backcast.

Hollow built and fast actioned they are the perfect cane rod for the modern caster.