Luke Bannister
Split cane fishing rods


There is no doubt that the biggest influence on a rod maker is the type of fishing he does.
So briefly here are the types of fishing that influence the rods that I make.Small stream trout fishing,
the Westcountry of England has many fine small rivers and streams
and it is on these that I do most of my flyfishing, from the low lying Tamar and its tributaries to the High Moors. Wild brown trout are the main target although there some nice Grayling down here if you know where to look.

Next are the rivers of Wales these beautiful and wild
rivers are home to some magnificent trout,larger than the Westcountry rivers they generally require a longer more powerful rod. For a few years now I have been lucky enough to fish in Norway each summer, these large fast gin clear waters are challenge I look forward to.

I also fish lakes with varying degrees of finesse, form casting Black and Peacock spiders to swirling trout on Bodmin Moor to dredging fast sinking lines though the depths for Rainbows on some of Exmoors excellent reservoirs.
And in the summer I rip streamers through the surf for bass.
With a little care cane rods are capable of performing all these tasks admirably.